DS 823 12-18-24-30

Technical description

Automatic rotating machines for the moulding of P.U. soles, direct-onto-upper, injection process, one or two colours / single or double densities.

Main features:

  • Available at 12-18-24-30 stations
  • Turntable with electro-mechanic rotation “rotoblock”
  • Feeding machine equipped with tanks 300lt. of capacity
  • Automatic vertical opening/closing movements of the mould-holders
  • Horizontal automatic movement for the opening/closing of the mould-holder rings
  • Automatic rotation of the last-holder turret
  • High precision metering pumps, singly controlled
  • Injection trolley with movement on linear slides
  • Injector conic screw: 18000rpm
  • Electronic control board
  • Hourly output: from 50 to 150 pairs, according with the model of the machine and the utilized P.U. Material