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Gusbi Spa - Plants for Polyurethane
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The forties and the fifties
This period witnesses the contruction of the first machines for low-pressure, straight-onto-upper vulcanizing of rubber soles. Several models and thousands of units were manufactured until 1967.

SV5 semi-automatic Vulcanizing machine (second series)
The sixties
The first rotary tables were designed and developed. The first automatic rotary machine for PVC injection straight-onto-uppers was manufactured in 1960. These machines were produced and constantly improved until 1975.

PL 6, automatic rotary machines for PVC soles injected straight-onto-uppers
The seventies
The company moved to more spacious and functional facilities in Via Alessandria 35. At the same time the first reserch into the application ol ployurethane resins to the footwear industry was carried out. The first 32-station rotary machine for the production of PU insoles was delivered in 1969. However, very soon Gusbi's operating capacity was fully directed to the development of PU applications, first for the production of soles only, then for straifght-onto-upper moulding.

Mod. P.32: universal rotative automatic machine to moulds PU soles and soles cast straifght-onto-upper; one colour and two colours (and different materials)