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Gusbi Spa - Plants for Polyurethane
Trimming machine Gp7

Settled on column is particularly suitable for: to trim the exceeding part of leather top of Louis XV hell-to trim the flashes of PU shoes with two coloured injected soles-to trim the flashes of working footwear with vulcanized or injected soles. The machine has been also equipped with special registers which allow to obtain easily the perfect parallelism between the cutting edge of the counter-blade. The head of the machine works into an oil bath is therefore perfectly noiseless. Overall dimensions:cm 50x75x130 Weight: about 70 Kg Daily production: 400/800 pairs


- BT 90
- Drill to open the drums
- Weighing machine
- Pre-mixer
- Hand trolley
- Small tank with gun for release agent
- FE 75
- FE 77
- Trimming machine GP1
- Trimming machine GP7
- Trimming machine GP9
- Chiller
- Multicolor system