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Gusbi Spa - Plants for Polyurethane
BT 90

A machine used for roughing edges of uppers fitted to last. It is an easy-to-operate machine which allows roughing exactly on mould clamping point, thus preventing upper roughing above or below the set roughing line. In this way the upper is not scratched above the mould's clamping point (on top side of sole edge) and the sole edge is perfectly cemented to the upper.
- Dimensions of roughing frame: mm 2500x1500xh2100
- Weight: kg 530


- BT 90
- Drill to open the drums
- Weighing machine
- Pre-mixer
- Hand trolley
- Small tank with gun for release agent
- FE 75
- FE 77
- Trimming machine GP1
- Trimming machine GP7
- Trimming machine GP9
- Chiller
- Multicolor system